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Yarmouth International Airport and Spiri Robotics Enter Into 5 Year Agreement Enabling UAV Research and Development at the Airport

Wednesday, May 29, 2024 - Yarmouth, N.S. – The Board of Directors of the Yarmouth International Airport Corporation (call sign "CYQI") and Spiri Robotics, Inc. ("Spiri") are pleased to announce their 5-year agreement governing Spiri's use of the airport for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) research, testing, and development. The agreement, which extends until March 31, 2029, enables Spiri to lease and use portions of the airport for UAV test flights and other UAV related research and development. Pursuant to the agreement, Spiri will coordinate its UAV operations with CYQI's normal operations and obtain advance approval from CYQI and other relevant authorities for Spiri's operations.

“The Board of Directors of the Yarmouth International Airport Corp (YIAC) is very pleased to welcome Spiri Robotics, Inc. as a tenant of our airport facility,” said the Yarmouth International Airport Chair, John Cunningham. “The Yarmouth airport has the resources and unique positioning to support the aerospace/aeronautics industry, including research and development, pre-commercial testing, and full commercialization. Spiri recognizes this asset and has seized on the opportunity to form a business relationship with YIAC. We are excited to be a supporter of and a partner in their endeavours and look forward to a mutually prosperous future.”

“Spiri is excited to be able to conduct its UAV test flights and other research and development at the airport,” said Spiri's President Patrick Edwards-Daugherty. “Spiri is going to be test flying its drones at the airport year-round. It will help us to quickly move robotics concepts into real life applications. We look forward to growing our operations and headcount at the airport.”

Yarmouth airport is a full-service regional airport located in Yarmouth County, Nova Scotia. Yarmouth airport can receive international traffic thanks to the presence of a Canada Border Services base in Yarmouth. The airport’s primary paved runway is 6,000ft and can handle everything up a Boeing 737. Jet A and avgas, de-icing services, 24/7 tower communications, mobile power, and overnight hangar storage are all available at this facility. The airport is an important link in the air transport space supporting Emergency Life Flight services, RCAF exercises, Coast guard surveillance, as well as charter and general aviation activities.

Spiri Robotics makes autonomous robots and artificial intelligence to help industry, science, and government rise to the challenges of our time in infrastructure, the environment, and defence. The company employs about twenty core team members, representing the many disciplines that come together to create amazing robots and solutions to modern problems.


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